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The past seventeen years has granted me the pleasure of introducing the greatest fingerstyle guitarists in the world to vast audiences at The Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Now in this, his first CD, it is my privilege to introduce you to one of the most unique of all these great players, not just for his playing, which is good enough on it's own, but how and where he is living out his dream.

Ron Wise has written and performed some wonderful guitar selections along with Buster B. Jones and Les Sneed on his "Point of View" CD.   When one listens to "Rons Point of View", that term takes on a whole new meaning. It was my good fortune to visit Ron as he lives out his dream  in Alaska, living in a log cabin and playing the guitar. The incredible view from his cabin home, as it overlooks a winding river several hundred feet below, "Ron's Point of View" is clearly understood in that majestic scene.

So what does that have to do with this CD?  Everything - because the inspiration received by him from that view has obviously been masterfully transferred to this collection of marvelous guitar compositions, clearly defining his guitar expertise, as well as Les and Buster's.   Trust me, he is a great fingerpicker and you will love this first entry in the world of CDs, but hopefully not his last.

Do yourself a favor and live out your dream as you listen to the
Point of View guitar world of Ron Wise,
Successful Dreamer, Log Cabin Dweller, Alaska Mountain Man - Extraordinairre .

Bill Spann
Master of Ceremonies
Chet Atkins Appreciation Society  (CAAS)
Nashville, TN



Conceived in Alaska   Wise/Jones
Elena Rose   Ron Wise
Big Red   Ron Wise
Carriahanna Lyn   Ron Wise
Breanna Marie   Ron Wise
Cabin Fever  Ron Wise
Ron's Point of View  Ron Wise
Jessica Sue 
Buster B. Jones
Fireweed  R.Wise/B.Jones
Living My Dream
 Ron Wise
Something Different  R.Wise/L.Sneed

Recorded at Les Sneeds Project Studio,
Cut Bank, Montana    PH: (406) 873-5410
Recording Engineer: Les Sneed
Musical & Technical advisors:
Les Sneed and Buster B. Jones.
Produced and mixed by  :
Ron Wise & Les Sneed.
Ron Wise - Lead Guitar
Buster B. Jones - Lead & rhythm - tracks 1 & 9
Les Sneed - Lead, Bass, Rhythm  - track 11

"Conceived in Alaska"  and "Fireweed"
are duets  with Ron Wise & Buster B. Jones
"Jessica Sue"  - solo by Buster B. Jones.
"Something Different"  - 
A duet with Ron Wise and Les Sneed

Ron Wise


October 25, 2003

From Buster B. Jones

On rare occasions, people mask or deny a God given talent for years, not sharing it with there friends or the public.. Such is the case with Ron Wise. Here is a true mountain man, that has hidden his talent for several decades, that is until now. With his first ever release entitled Ron's Point of View, Ron demonstrates not only his command over his guitar, but his truly wonderful gift of composition. This is a C.D., that will bring many hours of listening pleasure to one and all. I was honored, that my friend asked me to participate in the making of this C.D. Now his music is where it belongs, in the hands of music lovers.
Buster B. Jones.




Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003
From: Thom Bresh

Hi Ron,
Just picked up the mail a while ago and your package was there. I dropped by Wendy's and picked up a Caesar salad and headed back to the ranch.. I put the dressing on the caesar and your CD in the player and hit "go"..

What a great CD, Ron. You can be proud of it. You really have a good thumb. Nice bunch of songs. Everyone has their favorites so I'll tell you mine at first listen. I really love "Breanna Marie", "Cabin Fever" and "Living My Dreams". Those are my three favorites. Don't get me wrong, I like the others but I love those three.
You're getting a good tone on your guitar.. Don't know how you're recording it but it sounds good. I like the way 01' Sneed plays.. He's got a cool touch and a helluva tone.. Of course, it's always fun to hear Buster B.
I'm happy for you and proud at the same time.. Thanks for thinking of me when you were dishin' out your music. Can't wait to see you in Anchorage.. Good luck tomorrow at the arena gig.

Later,Thom Bresh



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